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Press Release

Secured Property Tax First Installment Deadline is Monday, December 11

Secured Property Taxes Payment Deadline April 10

“Use eCheck: Fast, Safe, Secure”

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Orange County Treasurer Shari Freidenrich reminds property owners that the first installment deadline to timely pay secured property taxes for fiscal year 2023/24 is Monday, December 11.  “With the extension in the payment deadline to December 11 due to the 10th falling on a Sunday, I encourage property owners to use our secure online eCheck payment option, which is Fast, Safe and Secure” says Treasurer Shari. L. Freidenrich.  “There is no cost for eCheck, you will receive same day credit, receive an emailed receipt and can print it for your records.  On December 7, we had over 10,000 taxpayers pay using eCheck online, and their accounts received credit for their payment on December 7.

Mailed payments received after December 11 that do not have a United States Postal Service (USPS) postmark of December 11 or earlier will be charged a 10% delinquent penalty.  Paying at is Fast, Safe and Secure.  Payments processed on the secure website prior to midnight on December 11 will be timely. While there is no charge for eCheck, taxpayers who pay with a credit or debit card will be assessed a 2.29 percent service charge.

Do you need a copy of your current or prior years’ property tax bills? Have other property tax questions?  Many billing and payment questions can be found on the website at  Just enter a parcel number or property address at to view/print: property tax bills dating back over 10 years; two years of payment history and an online statement of your property tax parcel account. It will also show if your bill is paid or unpaid.  Taxpayers may also scan the QR code on their secured property tax bill to be taken right to the property webpage with their parcel.

Payment Options:

  • Pay online at com/octaxbill 24/7 up to midnight on December 11. There is no cost for eChecks. 
  • Pay using the onsite Payment Depository Box on the County Administration South Building at 601 N. Ross Street. (Significant construction - there is a loading and unloading parking area available along with metered parking).
  • Pay using our IVR system by debit/credit card 24/7 up to midnight on December 11 at 714-834-3411 (2.29 percent service charge assessed).
  • Pay in Person at the County Service Center at 601 N. Ross Street, open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Significant construction - there is a loading and unloading parking area available along with metered parking and onsite parking at com/octaxparking)
  • Pay by mailing your check using the USPS and get a hand-stamped postmark to ensure that it is postmarked on or before December 11 as local post offices may no longer postmark mail dropped off.

Property Tax and Financial Tools:

If you have payment questions, go online to, email, or call (714) 834- 3411 between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.