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Difference between Tax Collector & Assessor

There is frequently some confusion about the different roles of the Treasurer-Tax Collector and the Assessor. They are two different elected officials serving the public in different roles.

  • The Assessor is the elected official who is responsible for the assessment of all property within the County. The assessment of property (or the valuation of property) is one of the components that determine the amount of taxes that are owed. The Assessor may be contacted at 714-834-2727 or their website may be viewed by clicking here.

  • Some reasons you may want to contact the Assessor are:
    • You think your property may have been assessed at too high of a value.

    • To change the mailing address for your tax bills.

    • To get information on the Homeowner's exemption or other programs that can help to lower your taxes.

  • The Treasurer-Tax Collector is the elected official who is responsible for the Administration of the County Investment Pool and responsible for the collection of all property tax bills in the County. You may also contact us by clicking here or by calling us at (714) 834-3411.