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You need Adobe Reader to view, print and fill out most of the forms listed below. To request forms by mail, please contact the agency by sending an e-mail or calling the telephone numbers listed next to the title of the form.

Documents Contact Information

Five Year Payment Plan – Secured taxes

Five Year Payment Plan – Secured taxes (Español)

Four Year Payment Plan – Unsecured Property Tax Escape Assessments Only

Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate Request Form

Payment on Wrong Parcel Request Form

Multiple Payment Receipt

Excess Proceeds Claim Form

Penalty Cancellation Request Form

Military Tax Relief Application

Tax Collector Customer Service
(714) 834-3411

TTC Public Record Form Treasurer
Change of Mailing Address Assessor Department
(714) 834-2939
Change of Ownership Assessor Department
(714) 834-5031
Tax Exemption forms Assessor Department
(714) 834-3821
Claim for Refund of Taxes Paid and/or Penalties Paid Clerk of the Board
(714) 834-2206
Assessment Appeals Application Form Clerk of the Board
(714) 834-3453
Real Estate Fraud Report District Attorney
(714) 834-3600



The IRS requires all companies to have a current W-9 on file prior to making any payments including property taxes. If you require a W-9 from the County in order for your business to process payment for your secured or unsecured property tax bills, please e-mail your request to with your fax number and the type of invoice you need to pay (see list below).

P.O. Box 1438       Property Tax
P.O. Box 4005       Accounts Receivable/Weights & Measures
P.O. Box 1959       Animal Care
P.O. Box 4515       Other

We process these requests weekly. If you have questions on the W-9, please contact us at (714) 834-7625.

Individual taxpayers should not be requesting a W-9, only businesses. We do not issue 1099's for property tax payments.


Investment-Related Forms

Broker-Dealer Application

We are not currently accepting Broker-Dealer applications. Please e-mail us at, and once we are accepting applications, we will contact you to submit one.