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Financial Tip of the Week


Just type in your email address or cell phone number to receive texts below and click on Submit. Within a few minutes after you submit information, you will receive a text or email confirming your subscription. To confirm that you do want to receive the Tip of the Week Reminder, simply reply with a blank text or email. If you wish to subscribe to both methods, you will need to subscribe in two separate transactions as only one method of subscription can be added at a time. Please create a new contact for the incoming messages such as Tip of the Week so that you will recognize it when you receive them.

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The Financial Tip of the Week is a free service provided by the County of Orange, and is solely intended as an aid to remind participants to timely pay secured property taxes. Taxpayers are not relieved of the responsibility of timely payment of property taxes as a result of any failure of the County to timely forward these reminder notices. Penalties for delinquent payments will be imposed regardless of the taxpayer's subscription to this service or any failure of this service. This service is provided without warranty or representation of any kind. The County shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused by the participation of subscribers or the failure of the service to provide timely notice or even the total failure of the service to provide any notice at all, whether or not the County is at fault.

The Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office will only use your email or cell phone number for the purpose of sending you the Secured Property Tax Reminder. It will not be shared nor used for any other purpose without your express consent.