You need Adobe Reader to view, print and fill out most of the forms listed below. To request forms by mail, please contact the agency by sending an e-mail or calling the telephone numbers listed next to the title of the form.

Documents Contact Information

Five Year Payment Plan – Secured taxes

Five Year Payment Plan – Secured taxes (Español)

Four Year Payment Plan – Unsecured Property Tax Escape Assessments Only

Mobile Home Tax Clearance Certificate Request Form

Payment on Wrong Parcel Request Form

Multiple Payment Receipt

Excess Proceeds Claim Form

COVID-19 Penalty Cancellation Request Form

Non-COVID-19 Penalty Cancellation Request Form

Military Tax Relief Application

Tax Collector Customer Service
(714) 834-3411

TTC Public Record Form Treasurer
Change of Mailing Address Assessor Department
(714) 834-2939
Change of Ownership Assessor Department
(714) 834-5031
Tax Exemption forms Assessor Department
(714) 834-3821
Claim for Refund of Taxes Paid and/or Penalties Paid Clerk of the Board
(714) 834-2206
Assessment Appeals Application Form Clerk of the Board
(714) 834-3453
Real Estate Fraud Report District Attorney
(714) 834-3600


The IRS requires all companies to have a current W-9 on file prior to making any payments including property taxes. If you require a W-9 from the County in order for your business to process payment for your secured or unsecured property tax bills, please e-mail your request to with your fax number and the type of invoice you need to pay (see list below).

P.O. Box 1438       Property Tax
P.O. Box 4005       Accounts Receivable/Weights & Measures
P.O. Box 1959       Animal Care
P.O. Box 4515       Other

We process these requests weekly. If you have questions on the W-9, please contact us at (714) 834-7625.

Individual taxpayers should not be requesting a W-9, only businesses. We do not issue 1099's for property tax payments.

Investment-Related Forms

Broker-Dealer Application

We are not currently accepting Broker-Dealer applications. Please e-mail us at, and once we are accepting applications, we will contact you to submit one.